“We need to recruit the best candidates quickly, cost effectively and with the minimum of fuss”

This is not an unreasonable request and is what most of your clients would expect as the norm anyway. A key step in quickly identifying those who will make up your shortlist is the screening process.

At present you will select candidates based upon the traditional CV and then refine your longlist perhaps by conducting a telephone interview.

Using The SeeV’s™ remote interview facility [see ‘How To’ section] allows you to undertake a more complete evaluation of all your longlistable candidates.  There are a whole host of other benefits associated with being able to Interview from Anywhere [IA]

Alternatively, if you are happy with your longlist selection compiled in the normal way and are left with, say, ten candidates that you intend to meet in person [see ‘How to’ section] then once again The SeeV™ comes into its own in terms of adding value to what you are offering your client. You are also adding value to your own business creating a visual record of a candidate which should help your colleagues – no longer do you need to rely on written comments or memory (“…what was he/she like”?) concerning candidates interviewed in the past.

The best candidate on paper may not be the right person for your client. On the other hand a marginal CV may actually belong to someone who is the ideal character. Working with The SeeV™ allows you to back up your words with visual evidence!

Using The SeeV™ requires a mindset that will embrace change – as a Recruiter, why don’t you dare to be different, and for the short term at least, give your business a competitive advantage!

There are probably a number of issues on your mind at the moment:  What about security? What about discrimination issues? These are covered in our Frequently Asked Questionssection.  There is also the matter of cost and if you follow the link to Pricing you will see that this should prove to be no barrier to bringing The SeeV™ into your day to day way of working.