As an employer your talent management objectives will be to have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Your ability to assess candidates costs time and money. Using a traditional CV, perhaps with an online personality test and then a short telephone interview, DOES NOT allow you to assess candidates “soft skills” – presence, communication, conviction and enthusiasm; in other words those subjective, yet vitally important, elements of the selection process.

The SeeV™ provides an extra dimension to your selection process by allowing you to see & hear applicants before first interview. No longer do you have to take a chance that a strong CV belongs to a weak candidate. At the same time you are less likely to discount a highly skilled applicant because of a less than ideal CV.

We believe The SeeV™ can be helpful not only as part of your external hiring processes but also your internal talent management routines. This could be as part of the annual staff appraisal process, typically within larger corporates for that group labelled as IHP’s (Individuals of High Potential).

Viewing the ‘How To’ section of the website should allay most fears about ease of use whilst at present we see pricing for employers being determined by specific user requirements.

We recognise there will be issues relating to use of this technology but by being an early adopter you will be ready for, indeed might help shape, the future when we believe The SeeV’s™’ media rich style of presentating a candidate will be the norm.