Promote yourself – not just your CV

In today’s tough job market you want to do everything you possibly can to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How do you do that at present?

Your traditional CV must get you over the hurdle of the recruiter and / or the hirer. They will typically look for key words, general experience and qualifications. But how do you get across the real you?

Not wishing to undermine a recruiters ability to spot talent but the person who might actually interview you may not be the person who then has to “sell” you to the client.

The same issue could apply to the corporate resourcing manager – is that individual wholly in tune with the hiring manager’s personal preferences? Might they pass over the candidate who, on paper, was marginal but in person was ideal for the role?

So is there is a solution that will enable you to GET NOTICED?

Yes, there is now: The SeeV™,  a web based application that allows the recruiter/ employer to evaluate ALL of your skills, not just your ability to write a good CV.